Speed Date: LSD on CIA

Name: LSD on CIA HQ: Copenhagen, Denmark Line-up: Mikkel Konyher (Vocals/Guitar), Piotro Fronklo (Bass), Troels Dankert (Drums) Genre: Hedonist Thrash Rock Records: “LSD on CIA” (2014), “Celestial Bodies” (2016) What was the stupidest interview question you’ve ever been asked? Piotro: There once was this girl in Denmark who had no idea who we were so she asked “What is your band’s name?”. I read you did a guerrilla gig in London to promote your last album, playing on the streets. What was that about? Troels: It was for a Danish provocative artist who moved to London. We rented a van with a power generator and we went to a street with a lot of galleries that all had some kind of exhibition that day, so there were a lot of people in the street. We just parked our van in the middle, opened the back and started playing. Mikkel: We also hired twenty naked people to run through the crowd covered in theatre blood screaming “Fuck you, art lovers!“. Troels: After ten or fifteen minutes we packed up and left; the police arrived about ten minutes later. You have a pretty special music style so you naturally get compared to a … Continue reading Speed Date: LSD on CIA